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I make videogames, sometimes. Serial game jammer. Unity, C#. Made One Game a Month in 2013. Made PicaVoxel. Currently working on Jarheads. Senior developer at Future Visual.

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  1. Jarheads Dev Diary: The Story So Far

    On Christmas Eve 2014, I quietly launched the first alpha of Jarheads. It's been almost sixteen months in the making to this point, and the Alpha represents the very minimum of the complete Jarheads experience and is the first time I have been ready to make it publicly available. Now…

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  2. Ludum Dare 29 Jam: Aeronautical

    While I am spending more time concentrating on Jarheads this year, I'm still taking time out to participate in the official Ludum Dare 72-hour jams with Gredgie. The theme this time was "Beneath the Surface", and I was fairly confident about it to begin with as I had a number…

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  3. Introducing Jarheads

    Breathes deeply... Alright, I can do this. My last successful, full-size game release was Dysnomia, back in 2010. After that, I released another Xbox Live Indie Games title called Run! in early 2011. After taking a break in 2012, I realised that I wanted to improve as a developer and…

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  4. 1GAM December: Going Down

    My final One Game a Month entry for 2013 came from December's Ludum Dare jam, and I teamed up with Paul for the last time this year. We went into this LD with absolutely no game ideas, and we also had to cut the jam short by…

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  5. 1GAM November: DungeonFall

    I decided to take part in Github's Game-off 2013 competition this month. The competition is limited to web-only games and as I'd become familiar with HTML5 development, I figured it was a good fit. The theme was "Change", which was also the theme of this month's 1GAM so that worked…

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  6. 1GAM October: Tilly's Horrible Halloween

    This month, I actually went with the theme for One Game a Month which was "Candy". As it is October and Halloween, I decided to try my hand at a Halloween-inspired game. As time was short this month, I re-used graphics from some previous titles: Dreamland, my still-on-the-back-burner Team…

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  7. 1GAM September: Voxel Shooter

    I'm so uninspired right now I can't even think of a name for this month's game! The plan was to create a side-scrolling shooter in the vein of R-Type using the voxel engine I debuted during last month's Ludum Dare. I succeeded in doing so, but as time went on…

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  8. 1GAM August: Spatium Secondorum Decem

    The end of August saw Ludum Dare 27, and Paul and I participated in the 72-hour Jam competition for the second time. Since finishing work on Hunted, I've been working on an all-new voxel engine that I intend to use in a couple of future games. Though still in its…

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  9. 1GAM July: Hunted

    July's game is another exceedingly ambitious title, but I'm pleased to say that this time it has mostly come together. Hunted is a top-down shooter that features a large procedurally-generated "open" world, day/night cycle, vehicles, plenty of guns, enemy compounds to infiltrate and nasty Generals to eliminate. Hunted…

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  10. 1GAM June: FShoot

    This month I chose once again to do something new and took it upon myself to dabble with a little F#. This is the first time I have used F# in any way, and the first time I have used a functional programming language. I ended up shoehorning OO code…

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